Where to begin; Phil was recommended to us at the last minute by Joe and Peter from Merrimu Reception. Seeing as they knew a lot of people in the wedding industry we went along and booked Phil probably about 2 weeks prior to our wedding.


Welcome to Words by Phil

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 Words by Phil is a site dedicated to the art of communication through the written and spoken word.

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In a world where the sometimes, impersonal view of communication through technology, is now an everyday occurence; the more traditional, or as some would have us believe 'old fashioned' forms of transmitting our thoughts and messages from one to another, seems to have taken a backseat. The written word it seems, has been redifined into bites of 140 characters or less and even 10 second sound bites now give us our daily news.

As any of my friends will adhere to, I am a big fan of the spoken word and when Frederick R. Barnard said in 1921, A picture paints a 1000 words" I think sadly, he missed the reality, that as true as what he said can be, any number of words, can actually paint the most beguiling pictures.

Words by Phil is all about the old fashioned version of communication, I talk to people, I listen to people, I discuss with people and then, I am in a position to deliver the outcomes that create memerable events.

As you look and listen through the pages of this site, I hope that it can deliver all of your expectations, excite your imagination and prove that sometimes a simple chat is all it takes to make amazing things happen.

Phil Wall


Quotable Quotes

There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.
Oscar Wilde